Candids Policy

TEMUERA MORRISON ONLINE is a site dedicated to American born actor Temuera Morrison. This site’s aim is to focus in on Temuera’s career and anything Temuera appears including entertainment programs consisting of interviews, awards shows, talk shows, internet-based medium, and any other things concerning David’s career.

What will be posted?

Photos of Temuera arriving to events, arriving/leaving talk show appearances, behind the scenes of photoshoots, on the set and behind the scenes images.

What will not be posted?

Photos of Temuera at the airport, shopping, walking down the street, getting coffee, or any other moment where Temuera would believe his privacy would be expected. Respect your favorite celebrity’s privacy and do not ask for these to be posted and do not encourage other sites to post them either.

What’s the difference?

Photos of Temuera arriving for public appearances and on the set of various projects are related to his work. A photo of him eating lunch (unless it happens to be during the filming of a scene), is not.