Temuera Morrison Online – Missing In Action

Where to start? At the beginning is a good place. So you’re probably wondering where we went. Here one day, suddenly gone the next. Here it is in a nutshell. Back in October of 2022, my host was basically absent. Absent to the point they weren’t answering any emails, support tickets, nothing. There were also issues with one of their servers in that it wasn’t working at all. I had a couple of other sites on that server, and they were frequently glitching and disconnecting due to the server becoming unstable. A while back my host installed a plugin that was supposed to handle support tickets and other automated issues. This did work for a while and the host was doing a great job in getting back to their clients. Before that support tickets went to spam folders. Then after a while were systematically deleted with the host never having seen any of them. Back to the issue of the unstable server. I had decided since the server wasn’t displaying my sites I was going to move to another more reliable host. After finding one, I began hollowing out the server and finally deleting the account there.

For some time I was receiving error logs from the server to my email telling me what was happening on various days, and I didn’t understand why I was still getting these from this account as I’d already moved to another host. Logging back into my client dashboard, I found out that account was still active and the account I had this site for Temuera attached to, was gone. When I tried logging in to the site’s file directory, there was nothing I could do to get in. I went to another site on that server and found it gone. Subsequently I found all the sites totaling six in all were gone. Sites I’d been working on and building since 2015. After trying again to contact the host, I was finally able to find out when they deactivated the plugin to once again allow tickets and other services to begin again, it had mistakenly flagged this account, not the other, for deletion. I had partial back ups of those other sites, but not one on this one. This meant this site was completely gone. I had nothing. After hanging my head and battling a form of depression, I began the arduous task of recreating and rebuilding this site from scratch. It’s been a difficult thing to do as I wanted where I could, to be able to reconnect it to the posts I’d made on my various social media places. What you see here is a brand new version of the site. For the most part I had to consult cached copies of the site to recreate the posts, pages, and photos. It took a while, but against all odds, we’re back.

Thank you for your patience and for sticking with me. I’ll have more in the coming days.


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