Hello & Welcome to TOA – Temuera Morrison Online

Hello and welcome to TEMUERA MORRISON ONLINE a fansite dedicated to Maori actor TEMUERA MORRISON, star of the new Disney+ show THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT and THE MANDALORIAN. Temuera is an enigmatic actor and I thought it was time he had a place on the interwebs to celebrate him and his career. I hope you come along on the journey. I’m hoping to get all of Tem’s STAR WARS work up before the finale of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT to air on February 9. I wanted to go live so you can enjoy what’s up in the gallery so far. That will be mentioned in another post. There’s still a lot to do in terms of ironing out the kinks, but here we are. I hope Tem’s fans come along for the ride. Enjoy your stay.

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